Under the Western Sky – Excerpt from Chapter One (part 2)

Under the Western Sky by Dellani Oakes - 500Bobby has just told Libby that he likes her. She’s not sure what to do. She has zero experience with guys and all this time, she thought he was only going out because of Toni and Danny. Her friend told his that she wouldn’t date him unless Libby had a date. No wonder Bobby couldn’t make any progress. Now, he’s broken the ice. It’s time for him to make his move.

Libby watched the movie, giggling every so often. Danny and Toni weren’t paying any attention at all. As soon as the lights went down, they were necking, their popcorn forgotten on the floor. Bobby was still holding theirs, taking a bite every now and then, pretending to act casual, but she could feel the tense set of his shoulders. She glanced at him, his handsome face cast into highlights and deep shadows by the movie.

Feeling her eyes on him, he turned to face her, a half-smile greeting her curious gaze. Setting the popcorn on the floor, he leaned toward her, lips slightly parted. His kiss caught her by surprise, although she knew he was going to do it. She hadn’t expected it to be so nice.

To her, Bobby was like a fixture, something that was always there. They had known one another since their dads went into the Marines, doing recon in hostile territory. Their deaths had forged a bond between her family and his, making them virtually inseparable.

His kiss felt good, warm, sexy; more than just friendly. She had thought it would be like kissing a brother, but it was anything but that. Smiling to herself, she took a breath and opened her mouth slightly, letting him kiss her more deeply. No guy had ever kissed her like that. His lips left hers as he leaned against her forehead, sighing contentedly.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it? I mean, you’re not like throwing up or anything over there, are you?”

“That was nice,” she admitted. “It was more than nice, it was lovely.”

Bobby chuckled, kissing her playfully on the nose. “Yeah, it was. Now do you think I’m doing this just to make Toni and Danny happy?”


“Good, cause I don’t give a shit about either of them. I like you a lot, Libby.”

“I like you too, Bobby.”

They didn’t watch much of the rest of the movie, but kissed and talked quietly while the theater went crazy around them. They were in their own little world.

When the houselights came back up, Toni and Danny resurfaced slowly. Bobby and Libby were already getting their things and standing up when their friends looked around bleary-eyed and blinking.

“Que pasa, Danno?”

“Nada, asshole. Dammit, I have a cramp.” He stood, shaking one leg to release the muscle. “Next time, can we please sit in the back? I about have to fold in half to fit.” He was nearly six foot three.

“That’s what you get for eating your Wheaties every single morning,” Bobby chuckled. “Me, I skipped a few mornings and I’m not freakishly tall.” He was just past six feet.

“I want a DQ,” Toni held onto Danny, as they walked up the aisle. “Libby, you want DQ?”

“Sure. I don’t mind.”

Bobby took her hand, then put his arm around her waist, kissing her cheek.

“I need a bathroom break, baby,” Toni told Danny when they got to the lobby. “Come with me, Libby.”

She grabbed her friend and dragged her to the ladies’ restroom. Once they were inside with the door closed, she rounded on Libby.

“So, did you enjoy kissing Bobby?”

Libby blushed, looking evasive. “Yeah, a little.”

“A little? Your hair is a mess and it was only a little? He’s wearing your lipstick! It looks like you ate his face!” She went into the stall, banging the door.

“You and Danny didn’t even resurface. How did you know I was kissing Bobby?”

“I could feel it. Your energy radiated off you like some sort of super sex bomb.”

© Dellani Oakes

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