Character Quotes from Savage Heart

Savage Heart is the much anticipated (and demanded) sequel to my historical romance, Indian Summer. Set in the early summer of 1740, Gabriella and Manuel are now happily (or maybe not so happily) married.

savage heart cover“Señora Enriques is feeling a bit under the weather. I need to check on her.” Manuel moved toward the steps to the house quickly.

“She sounded a might put out to me,” Willem replied, spitting in the dirt as he led the horses away to the barn.

“Yes,” Manuel said softly. “Yes, she was.” He paused on the steps. “Willem, did you hear everything?”

“Entire country heard, I’ll warrant, sir.”

“And you think I’m wrong?”

“Not my business to judge right nor wrong on your decisions, sir. I can agree or not as I choose, makes no difference. But I will say this, that girl loves ye above her own life. If ye go ‘gainst her wishes, ye might not have a home to come back to. She’d as likely leave ye as mind ye.”

Manuel hung his head, laughing sardonically. “You’ve put your finger upon it, Willem. As usual, you point out my foibles.”

“We all work to our strengths, sir,” the old Irishman said with a smirk. “Give her a big kiss, love her hard and maybe she’ll forgive ye. But don’t niver lie to her, sir, or I guarantee—that she’ll not forgive.”

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First Love – Conclusion

Dellani Oakes

First Love coverHome again, the teens all go home. After dinner, Maddie gets a phone call.

Maddie picked up the extension and waited for her brother to hang up. “Hello?”

“Hey,” it was Clayton.

“Hey, yourself.”

“Weird being home, huh?”

“Very. My mom is still in freak mode. She doesn’t want me to go next summer. That’s okay, Dad is on my side.”

“Same here. She’s been yammering in Spanish for the last three hours. Dad finally opened a bottle of wine to calm her down.”

They laughed quietly.

“I miss not being able to kiss you goodnight,” Maddie said.

“I’m going through withdrawal. That’s why I called. You promised me something.”

“I did?” she feigned innocence.

“You did. So, I’m asking again….”

There was a click as someone picked up the phone upstairs.

“Robby, off!” Maddie said, knowing it was her little brother.

“You know what I’m asking,” Clayton said. “And…

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First Love – Part 69

Dellani Oakes

First Love coverIt’s their final day and the Nebraska youth are at church with their friends for the last time. Jose has called them all up to the front in order to give them each a gift.

Jose stepped aside and the members of the youth group walked in, carrying a stack of envelops. Each student got one with their name on it. Inside, they found pictures of themselves, working and laughing. There were copies of a group shot that had been taken at the party on Friday.

Also inside were invitations to visit again the following summer. All expenses paid on a charter bus—a donation from one of the church members. They had also included their addresses, asking their new friends to write.

The service was full of joy. Despite the loss of the church, it could have been much worse. They would rebuild. The entire community was behind them. Ridding…

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Character Quote from Origins – A Raven Willoughby Tale by Dellani Oakes

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Raven Willoughby is a character mentioned in my novel, One Night in Daytona Beach. One_Night_in_Daytona_Beach_by_Dellani_Oakes - 200The hero, Draven, plays this character on TV. I thought it would be fun to write something about Raven Willoughby, hybrid vampire, himself. I sat down with the idea and it just kind of flowed.

Don’t die yet, Governor, we’re just getting things sorted. And what fun would that be for me, ravaging your holdings, discrediting your name and taking your possessions, if you’re dead. Not much to stop me as it is. But I do so love having a man watch as his life is stripped bare. You’re a liar and a cheat. You’ve robbed your people, this territory and who knows all else. It’s time you paid the piper, Governor. And if you haven’t noticed, I’m the man playing the tune. My ship. Now.” Raven shook the older man by the shirtfront.

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First Love – Part 68

Dellani Oakes

First Love coverIt’s their last night and everyone is too keyed up after the party to sleep. They have church in the morning, and will get on the road right after. Denise remarks that she thinks Claire has changed. She would normally have used Jane to save herself, instead, she protected her friend.

“Maybe we can give it another chance,” Maddie said. “Maybe she’s really a nice girl after all.”

Denise wrinkled her nose. “No offense, Mads, but she still hates you. Well, hate isn’t the right word. She’s jealous of you. Not only do you have Clayton, who is totally adorable, you could have had Gabe. That’s something she will always regret.”

“I regret that a little too, but I’m so happy with Clayton, I know that won’t last long.”

“Funny how we all ended up with dreamy guys,” Beverly said. She wore Brad’s ring around her neck on a chain.

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First Love – Part 67

Dellani Oakes

First Love coverThey have a big party at the Rancho to celebrate Gabe, Claire and Jane being released from the hospital. As he’s about to head home, Gabe gives Maddie a kiss.

Clayton watched from a short distance. It hurt him to see, partly because another man kissed Maddie. Mostly, because he knew Gabe’s sorrow. They’d talked and he’d consented to one kiss. Clayton understood. Had he been the one giving her up, he’d have wanted that, too.

“I had to know, Maddie. I had to be able to tell myself we had that much.”

As Gabe got in the car, Maddie kissed his cheek and closed his door. His mother drove slowly away. Gabe leaned back, closing his eyes. A single tear escaped.

“You all right, Baboo?”

“Fine, Mama. Just tired.”

Maddie watched the car pull away. Touching her lips, she could feel Gabe’s kiss. It was the saddest moment of…

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First Love – Part 66

Dellani Oakes

First Love coverWhite Star arrives just in time to save them from Ramon. He congratulates Maddie and Clayton on their bravery.

The last days of their trip were spent doing salvage of the burned up church. It was slow, grueling work, but rewarding. Periodically, one of them found an item that survived the fire. This was always a cause for rejoicing. Just before lunch break on Friday, Luis, Clayton and Maddie found the greatest gift of all—the altar Bible. Locked in a special box after the service, it had survived even the intense heat. Jose deemed it a miracle. No one argued.

Saturday was set aside for celebration. Maria closed the restaurant to the public in order to have a party. Gabe, Claire and Jane had been released from the hospital. Gabe’s face was a mass of bruises. One cheek sported a neat row of tiny stitches. He held himself awkwardly due…

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Dangers of The Wilderness, New York, 1755: Character Quotes 2

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The guns fall silent. All of a sudden my arm is grasped and I am pulled to my knees…. we were on our way to a new, yet foreign life…

where the lack of understanding causes other people so different to fight like the devils in hell…

Dangers of the Wilderness, New York, 1755 


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JD Holiday

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First Love – Part 65

Dellani Oakes

First Love coverThe lights come on and Maddie and Clayton discover that Ramon is there with his goon. They have Gabe prisoner. Ramon not only threatens to kill them, he threatens to rape Maddie while the boys are forced to watch. She goes nuts and yells that he’s probably really gay and having a fling with his henchman. To her surprise, it seems she’s right.

Ramon’s gun left Gabe’s head once more, trained on hers instead.

“Madison, now would be the time to shut up,” Clayton warned.

“Like hell! He fires that gun, we’re overrun by the cops. They’re still out there,” she jerked her thumb at the windows. “I saw them when I was fixing the breaker. Shoot me, you’re trapped here. One way out—the kitchen door. Which will be full of cops before the smoke clears.”

“There’s another way,” Ramon sneered. “That door—”

“You mean this one?” Officer White Star…

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