Character Quote from Origins – A Raven Willoughby Tale by Dellani Oakes

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Raven Willoughby is a character mentioned in my novel, One Night in Daytona Beach. One_Night_in_Daytona_Beach_by_Dellani_Oakes - 200The hero, Draven, plays this character on TV. I thought it would be fun to write something about Raven Willoughby, hybrid vampire, himself. I sat down with the idea and it just kind of flowed.

Don’t die yet, Governor, we’re just getting things sorted. And what fun would that be for me, ravaging your holdings, discrediting your name and taking your possessions, if you’re dead. Not much to stop me as it is. But I do so love having a man watch as his life is stripped bare. You’re a liar and a cheat. You’ve robbed your people, this territory and who knows all else. It’s time you paid the piper, Governor. And if you haven’t noticed, I’m the man playing the tune. My ship. Now.” Raven shook the older man by the shirtfront.

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