Character Quotes from Under the Western Sky by Dellani

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Under the Western Sky Under the Western Sky

Libby Marshal leaned over the pool table lining up her shot, slender hips twitching to KC and the Sunshine Band. She hummed distractedly as she eyed the table. Bobby Menendez stood behind her enjoying the view. His hands moved forward, tingling to touch her.

“Touch me and die, Roberto Hermida Menendez.”

“Man, how did you know?”

She made her shot, long distance across the felt top, snapping her pool cue, nearly nailing him in the testicles when her arm came back.

“Shouldn’t stand so close,” Danny said across the table from her.

“Oh, man, the view!”

Bobby held his hands the width of her hips apart. He bit his lip as she faced him, a frown on her face. Her green eyes flashed at him. With a toss of her short, blonde, curly hair, she moved away from him with a glare. His dark brown…

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Character Quote from Under the Western Sky by Dellani

Cereal Authors

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Bobby and his cousins finished the yard at 5:15. His cousins went home and he walked across the street to get a shower. His mother was delighted that he’d invited the girls to the picnic.

“So nice, those girls. So pretty.”

“Yes, Mami.”

“Go clean up. You stink. Throw those in the wash! Don’t leave them lying around.”

“No, ma’am. You’re thinking of someone else, a perfect stranger, who does that.”

“If he was so perfect, he wouldn’t leave his dirty clothing around for me to pick up.” She laughed at him. “You stink.”

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