Character Quotes from Savage Heart by Dellani

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savage heart coverSavage Heart is the much anticipated (and demanded) sequel to my historical romance, Indian Summer. Set in the early summer of 1740, Gabriella and Manuel are now happily (or maybe not so happily) married.

The bright, green eyes missed little. Touching him fleetingly, she drew his attention. “What makes you sad?” It was strange how she said it, emphasis strong on the pronoun. She knew her own grief, but his sorrow puzzled her.

“Something very hard to explain,” he said.

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Character Quotes from Over the Edge by Dellani

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character-quotes-image“I think now is a good time to put some rules in place,” he said as he approached them. “I’m not your father. But as the one responsible for you both, I give you this to think about. How would your fathers react if they saw you like that?”

Natasha and Billy exchanged a look, a hot flush of red suffusing their faces.

“Exactly. I don’t mind some kissing, because I know it’s inevitable. However, no groping,” he looked pointedly at Billy. “That goes for you both,” his eyes switched to Natasha. “And God forbid you do anything more.” He scowled. “Because God’s wrath will be nothing compared to mine. Not under this roof and not when you are under my care. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Kolya,” Billy replied politely.

Natasha nodded, slightly ashamed of herself. She knew better, but there was something so delightfully compelling about Bilal. She couldn’t…

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