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Dellani Oakes

Under the Western Sky by Dellani Oakes - 500Quite often, my characters are musicians. A lot of them play guitar because my sons do, and it’s what I’m familiar with. Also, I’m totally hooked on guitarists like Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Dave Gilmour and Carlos Santana. Santana’s music features in Under the Western Sky, a romantic suspense novel set in Western Nebraska in 1976. One of the main characters is Bobby Menendez, a young Mexican man who loves to play the guitar. He is always telling his best friend, Danny, that bands like KISS won’t last, but in 30 or 40 years, people will still be listening to Carlos Santana and Led Zeppelin.

At one point during the story, the characters gather at Bobby’s home and have their own version of Name That Tune.

Excerpt from Under the Western Sky

After they ate, Evanston and Bobby got their guitars. Some of the others also had musical…

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Character Quotes from Indian Summer by Dellani

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Indian Summer color coverMy mind was churning when Ana came in to clear the dishes. What I was thinking must have shown in my face, for Ana stopped by the table, smiling broadly.

“And what mischief are you cooking up there, Miss Gabriella? I see in your eyes the look of a lady plotting the fall of man.”

I looked up at her, pursing my lips as if she had offended me. Instead my eyes sparkled and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Perhaps so, Ana.” I looked at the ceiling, the wall, the floor, out the window and fiddled with my napkin. “Tell me, Ana, what do you know of Señor Enriques who was here today?”

Ana hesitated to answer at first. She was always eager to impart what she knew of the local men. Be it good or bad, she held to the gossips’ truths of the town. She sighed deeply and…

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Character Quotes from Poplar Mountain by Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-image“Should I go talk to her?” Lucius asked Willem.

“Patty’s going. She’s got to get on to work anyhow. You done good, little brother. Keep talking like that, you’ll be a married man in no time.”

Lucius wasn’t sure what to think. He wanted to marry Dollie. He loved her with a passion he didn’t know existed. But he wasn’t sure he could live through the courtship. If she took off like that every time they kissed, he’d spend all his spare time chasing her down.

“Did I do something wrong to make her take off like that?”

“From what I saw, you did everything just right. Some women are more skittish than others. Now Patty, she’d have kissed me smack on the mouth and marched out proud as a peacock with its tail spread. Miss Dollie, she’s more shy-like.”

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