Alphabet Challenge Too – Letter U from Under the Western Sky by Dellani


ABC Challenge

It’s small town Nebraska in 1976, and life in the small Midwestern town is quiet and uneventful. That’s what Libby Marshall and Bobby Menedez think until Bobby’s cousin, Ramon is beaten by a group of white boys because he is dating a white girl. Libby and Bobby have just started dating, and he’s dropped her off at home. While crossing the street to his own home, he realizes that something isn’t right.

Reluctantly, he left, waiting until she had locked her door behind him. Strolling across the street, he was thinking about Libby and how much he loved her, when someone got out of a car just down from his mother’s house.

Acting like he didn’t notice, he walked slightly faster to his front porch. If he made enough noise, Jim would hear him and come out. He wasn’t scared, not yet. The other person came forward until he stood…

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