Is Their Love Strong Enough? Indian Summer ~ Historic Romantic Suspense by Dellani Oakes

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In the spring of 1739, Gabriella Deza stands poised on the verge of womanhood. A product of her guarded upbringing, she is naive in the ways of love until dashing Manuel Enriques declares his love for her. Quite by accident, Gabriella uncovers a plot hatched by British spy whose job is to capture the town and fort, Castillo de San Marcos. Armed with her information, Manuel embarks on a dangerous mission to entrap the spy and save the town from being overthrown by the British. Unfortunately, Gabriella herself is caught in the trap and kidnapped. Can Manuel find and save her before it is too late?
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Chaos in a Teacup – Part 11

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Last week, I started talking about unusual locations for stories, pulled from the author’s own background. I used my visit to Kansas as an example. I guess I just like off the beaten track spots for my stories.

Another unlikely location is the town I grew up in, in Western Nebraska. If you look at a map of Nebraska, you’ll see Scottsbluff. It’s the biggest city in the panhandle –which isn’t saying much, really, because it’s under 15,000 people. The city I live in, here in Florida, is a little over 20,000. It seems like a vast metropolis in comparison.

However, since I’m familiar with the city, or I was mumble mumble years ago, I feel comfortable setting stories there. One such story is my novel, Under the Western Sky. I call it a retro-romance, because it’s set in 1976. Can’t really call that historical, can you?

Libby Marshall…

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Character Quotes from Savage Heart ~ An Historical Romantic Suspense by Dellani Oakes

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“You must obey your father. It’s not easy to do, but sometimes it’s better just to do as you’re told.”

“A very wise young lady, my sweet. Listen to her advice,” Manuel said.

“Shush. I am loathe to leave you. Who knows what trouble you’ll get into with me gone.”

“I’ll look out for him,” Sailfish assured her with a smirk.

“As if I trusted you! Meli, I ask you to watch over them For Me, please. They’ll be knee deep in trouble before tomorrow is over.”

“I’ll do my best. I’m small, but feisty.” She balled up her fists, grimacing like a street tough.

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Character Quotes from Indian Summer ~ An Historical Romantic Suspense by Dellani Oakes

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I asked if there was something I could do to help him. He glanced around for an orderly and then looked somewhat embarrassed.

“Well, in truth, Gabriella, I must use that.” He pointed to an odd porcelain object just under the corner of the cot. “I can’t manage it alone, not one handed and I need help.” Now it was his turn to blush.

Having no idea what the object was or what it was for, I set it on the bed beside him and said with all genuine naiveté, “I can help you if you like.”

He gave me a tight-lipped chuckle, blushing furiously. “Ah, no. I don’t think your father would approve, Señorita Deza. In fact, I’m quite sure I could be arrested.”

It was then I realized it was a bedpan and that he needed help undressing to use it! I nearly knocked him over in my…

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Character Quotes from Savage Heart ~ Historical Romance by Dellani Oakes

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Sailfish was afraid that his bare limbs would offend the ladies. He said as much to Gabriella before they went inside.

Smiling, she took his hand. “Believe me, Clara will be so delighted to see you, she won’t care what you are wearing. She and Grand-mère are the only ones here.”

“Your grandmother’s sensibilities won’t be offended?”

“Grand-mère’s sensibilities are hard to offend. I promise. Come inside.”

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Character Quotes from Poplar Mountain ~ An Historical Romance by Dellani Oakes

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“I’m scared, Lucius! I’m so scared! Don’t leave me.”

“I won’t, darlin’, but you’re not acting like yourself a’tall. Calm down some, talk to me. You’re really that afraid?”

“It’s like the mountain’s angry with us. It wants something it thinks we’ve got. It won’t stop raging until we give it what it wants.”

“What does it want, Dollie?”

“Us!” She whispered, eyes wide with terror. “It wants us!”

“It don’t want us dead, darlin’. The mountain always takes some folks to its heart. It always has. There’s some of us that’s a part of these hills, won’t prosper no place else. Then there’s others, like Will, who leave and go into town. But it’s always a part of who we are. Can’t come from the stone’s blood without it’s in you.”

“But it wants me too. And Patty!”

The men chuckled softly.

“That’s cause you’re a part of us…

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Character Quotes from Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

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Indian Summer color coverThe two men stopped just a few steps past my hiding place. I knew by his voice that one of them was James. The other man I didn’t recognize. James talked earnestly, looking furtively all around him. Not, thankfully, into my hiding place.

“I’m telling yew it mus’ be tonigh’!” the other man was speaking with roughly accented English in harsh undertones.

“Absolutely not! I forbid it!” James’ cultured voice held an authoritative edge. “It’s too soon. If we move now, all will be lost! We must plan this carefully. Tell General Oglethorpe that if this operation is to be a success, he must follow my lead. Tell him I’ll signal when the time is ripe.”

“Jes ‘ow do you pr’pose ta do tha’?” His companion growled. “Ligh’ a bloody sign’l fire?”

James barely held his temper. “In point of fact, I shall. Tell them to look to the south…

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Character Quotes from Under the Western Sky by Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-image“I don’t think he’s gonna want to talk to you for awhile,” Libby told him. “Toni was pretty ugly to him when she broke up with him. She made it sound like the two of you had already fooled around.”

“What? Why?”

“Who knows? She didn’t say and I was too shocked to ask.”

“Great. All I need is a crazy white boy giving me a hard time. He’s a freak, Bob. I don’t know why you’re friends with him.”

“Danny always stuck up for me when we were kids. Other kids picked on me, but Danny always took care of me. I know he’s a jerk to everyone else, but he’s always been good to me.”

“He can bring all kinds of trouble. We don’t need that kind of trouble, Bobby.”

“Don’t worry, Ramon. He’ll get over it.”

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Alphabet Challenge Too – Letter U from Under the Western Sky by Dellani


ABC Challenge

It’s small town Nebraska in 1976, and life in the small Midwestern town is quiet and uneventful. That’s what Libby Marshall and Bobby Menedez think until Bobby’s cousin, Ramon is beaten by a group of white boys because he is dating a white girl. Libby and Bobby have just started dating, and he’s dropped her off at home. While crossing the street to his own home, he realizes that something isn’t right.

Reluctantly, he left, waiting until she had locked her door behind him. Strolling across the street, he was thinking about Libby and how much he loved her, when someone got out of a car just down from his mother’s house.

Acting like he didn’t notice, he walked slightly faster to his front porch. If he made enough noise, Jim would hear him and come out. He wasn’t scared, not yet. The other person came forward until he stood…

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